State Senate Candidates Respond To Attack Mailers

The State Senate candidates fighting for a seat in Oregon's 3rd district are hoping voters will ignore attack ads coming in the mail.

Posted: Oct. 24, 2018 7:13 PM
Updated: Oct. 25, 2018 9:24 AM

MEDFORD, Ore. -- The State Senate candidates fighting for a seat in Oregon's 3rd district are hoping voters will ignore attack ads coming in the mail. 

Jessica Gomez and Jeff Golden are hoping to replace Republican state senator Alan DeBoer.

Both candidates say they don't approve of recent attack mailers, but they say there is nothing they can do to stop them. 

Gomez said her campaign only works with one group, The Leadership Fund. The group paid for a recent attack mailer against Golden. 

Gomez said she never knew about the ad and did not approve it. 

"I don't like it at all, in fact I've had a number of conversations. If something like that comes out I find out about it, believe me there's a lot of push-back from myself and our team down here, but again we don't have control over what they do," Gomez said. 

Golden said he agrees the political action committees that are putting out these ads don't listen to the candidates they're writing about.

"I've been getting positive messages about me in some of those mailers and it's nice when people say nice things about you, but we don't want that and we have told them again and again about that because we really think people want to see candidates free of that outside special interest money," Golden said. 

Golden said if he does get the seat in the senate, he plans to find out what can be done to stop the ads. 

Medford voters Patty Mathis and John Ramos dropped their ballots off Wednesday. They said they ignore any attack ads that have information about candidates.

"It's always too much and you can't really take any facts from that anyway, you really have to read," Mathis said. 

Golden said he appreciates the voters who seek out the facts and read the voter pamphlet. 

Gomez said she wants voters to focus on the issues she's passionate about. 

"Education is really important, we need to improve our graduation rates, it's absolutely critical, Gomez said. "Building more economic diversity into our local economy, we're very service based, we have jobs, many jobs that fall into the 12 to 15 dollar an hour range, it's not enough to raise a family on."

Golden said several quotes in one of the ads against him were twisted out of context from a book he wrote when he was 20 years old called 'Watermelon Summer.'

"I'm not interested in 'Watermelon Summer', I'm interested in how we're going to get affordable housing in this district and universal health care and get some family wage jobs and kill the Jordan Cove Pipeline," Golden said. 

Both candidates say they want to run campaigns without outside influences. They hope voters will look past the negative ads, do the research, and make an informed decision. 

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