IRS Scam Phone Calls: How To Protect Yourself

IRS Scam Phone Calls: How To Protect Yourself

Posted: Mon Feb 12 17:59:44 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 12 17:59:44 PST 2018

Speech to Text for IRS Scam Phone Calls: How To Protect Yourself

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are becoming more sophisticated. now, scammers can "spoof" a phone number, making it look like the scam phone call is coming from a local number. newswatch 12's alicia rubin talked with a local tech company who says that this is something they see all the time. alicia says: the beginning of tax season means an increase in irs phone scams and we got one ourselves ... call immediately on our department number" so we gave that number a call and this is what we heard, "the number you have called is no longer in service--- beep beep beep" we reached out to jeff thomas, the owner of connecting point in medford, who says that he has customers come in all the time who have been called or had a device that was hacked. jeff says: nobody's going to be calling you the irs isn't calling you apples not calling you microsoft not calling you so when you get those phone calls the first thing they're trying to do is to get you to give them a credit card number. even if the number appears to be local, it could still be a scam and you're better off hanging up if it isn't from someone you know. stephen says: be very cautious of the caller id that can be tampered with pretty easily scammers could be appearing to be calling from the irs for the police office down the street city office you name it they can spoof it to look like anything jeff says: there spoofing phone numbers so you'll think that somebody locally is calling you from my 541 number but it's actually a spoof call and someone sit in a different country or somewhere else in entry. in medford, alicia rubin, newswatch 12. [508]tax scam phone calls-tag coming up on newswatch 12 at 6, we'll let you know how you seniors were taught to protect themsevles
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