14 Worms Pulled From Oregon Woman's Eye

A Grants Pass woman is being recognized by the CDC as the first person to have cattle worms infect her eyes.

Posted: Mon Feb 12 23:09:56 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 12 23:09:56 PST 2018

Speech to Text for 14 Worms Pulled From Oregon Woman's Eye

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yourself., announcer says "watching outeli sure many of you are curious how abby beckley is doing today, a year and a half after the horrific incident after she found those worms in her eyes, i caught up with her, she's a student at sou and she says life is beckley's story is trending around the world. the reason might make you squirm abby beckley says, "there were times of panic and fear but there were also times of light hearted jokes and that helped me get through it." that's because in the summer of 2016 this oregon woman had to pull 14 worms out of her left eye she discovered the first worm while on a boat in alaska commercial salmon fishing . abby beckley says, "i felt this irritant in my eye and i thought it was an eyelash." that feeling lasted for five days, and she kept desperately trying to get last thing i'm going to do i'm going to get this thing out of my eye." what she found shocked her. abby beckley says, "so i picked it out and sure enough there was a moving worm on my finger." a tiny, translucent worm, less than half an inch long. local doctors couldn't figure out the mysterious worms wiggling in her eye, so they sent samples to the cdc. abby beckley says, "the type of worm it was was from flies, usually found in cattle." ohsu doctors told her it was likely because of her background in southern oregon and being exposed to rural areas with cattle. within a week she learned the species of worm in her eye couldn't reproduce or get into her brain, abby beckley says, "once i found out that they were just co-existing with my eye, it made it a lot easier to deal with." and she dealt with the worms one by one abby beckley says, "no protocol or roadmap for any treatment because this had never happened before." abby beckley says, "we decided if i can keep picking them out to just keep picking them out. i got so good at feeling them because they were in my eye." a year and feels fine." beckley's case is going down in history. doctors say the worms found in her eyes had previously only ever been seen in cattle. while the worms are long gone-- she's now experiencing a sudden fame, after scientists published a report about her case today. abby beckley says, "because it is so broad, and amounted to the fact that i live in southern oregon, if this happens to someone else, i want them to google this and find stories and see that this girl lived through it and is ok and i'll be ok too." head to our website, kdrv.com, for more information
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