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NewsWatch 12 @6

Posted: Sep. 21, 2018 12:41 PM
Updated: Sep. 21, 2018 12:41 PM

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has a shaved head and grey beard. you are asked to contact law enforcement immideately if you have any information on his whereabouts. [a27]cottages and the housing crisis-intro these were built in the 1930s and 1940s. their size is what makes them affordable. linda estrada says "i'm happy here" linda estrada has live in this small cottage for about a year now linda estrada says "i'm not able to do a whole lot so yeah the smaller house and i like it too because they're separate." she says it's nice to have her own separate space, but also have someone close by. linda estrada says "if you get sick or anything you have somebody to or if you are going to be gone all you have to say is i'm going to be gone would you keep an eye on the place." medford is looking at changing their city's ordinance to allow affordable housing homes like the cottage linda lives in.. matt brinkley planning director for the city of medford "it's a housing type that we've had historically here in the city of medford in other comunities around the rogue valley and really throughout the united states." the cottages linda lives in were built in the 1930s/1940s. matt brinkley planning director for the city of medford says "this particular housing type i yesterday... train cars carrying lumber, paper and argon are getting back on track. that's because they were derailed yesterday in klamath falls. now anderson way from altamont drive to avalon street will be closed until further notice. [a10]train derailment k falls-dual box newswatch 12's andryanna shepherd is live... in klamath falls. she explains what happened. if you drove up and down austin street in klamath falls today, you could see a few train cars lopsided right behind me. in the last hour i have seen other trains go down that track. a b-n-s-f railway spokesman tells me yesterday one of its trains going to barstow, california from vancouver, washington was only moving at 7 miles an hour when 11 derail as well. there was one car of hazmat. but it's been lifted up. the company says nothing was released and there's no threat to the environment or the public. the other cars were carrying bender. it was a slow rate of speed and they're infrequent. in the industry, derailments have declined significantly over the years. and this is a rare situation locally." so far 10 cars are back on track. b-n-n-n-n-is currently investigating what caused 15 of its train cars to derail. the company has been able to continue with service on other get the brookings area into of fall is officially on as we look ahead to next is right around the corner. newswatch 12's emma balkenbush tells us how a local beauty school is gearing up to raise thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. emma says, "it's a regular busy day here at phagan's medford beauty school, but in just a few dollars for breast cancer research." a marathon is no easy task. book themselves as much, as many clients as they can that day." they'll be squeezing in as many hair organizations. the breast cancer research foundation.. and wings of karen. the medford beauty school director says it's a cause close to home for the college. "one of our owners christi davis had breast cancer in the past, she is a and they hope to send over a large chunk of change. however, the day isn't just about the money.. but coming together for a common goal. "it gives the students a good idea of how to give back and you can make a want to donate, but can't make an appointment.. "you for breast cancer." in medford, emma balkenbush [a23]first weather-stinger turning now to chief tonight: mainly clear skies and chilly conditions tonight across the region. we'll see readings below freezing east of the cascades with middle 40s for low temperatures in our westside valleys. along the coast, milder with lowe temperatures
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